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06 June 2018

Food You Can Count On

Whether you’re maintaining that summer bod, an undercover gym junkie or just generally interested in what’s in your food, it’s now super easy to work out the nutritional value of all your favourite Tortilla dishes!

Pick and choose from a range of ingredients to best suit your lifestyle and taste. Not sure what to go for? Here are some of our top picks:

Go Vegetarian (or Vegan!)

We’re proudly Vegan & Vegetarian Society approved and every one of our dishes can be made meat and/or dairy free! Try a Naked Burrito with crisp green romaine lettuce, black beans, grilled peppers & onions and complimentary hand-smashed guacamole. Cut through the richness with fresh pico de gallo salsa and then spice it all up with a sprinkle of crunchy jalapenos. TOTAL = 235.6kCals. £5.60

Pro Protein

Hitting the gym later? Fuel your body with all the good stuff and try a large burrito with Mexican (tomato) rice, pinto beans, char-grilled chicken, Monterey Jack cheese, hand-smashed guacamole, our signature Pico de Gallo and spicy Roja. TOTAL = 138.5g Carbs, 59.8g Protein. £7.40

All in & still under 500Kcals

Don’t skimp on taste whilst watching the calories. Grab a medium Naked Burrito with fluffy cilantro rice, mouth watering barbacoa beef, black beans, hand-smashed guacamole, our signature Pico de Gallo and topped with crunchy jalapenos. TOTAL = 487.1Kcals. £6.35

Sweet Tooth Saver

Curve the sugar cravings with a naturally sweet and deliciously tangy naked burrito instead! Add in coriander rice, silky smooth black beans, our pulled Carnitas (pork), Monterey Jack cheese, ice-berg lettuce and finish it off with a dash of our house made salsa roja. TOTAL = only 2.2g sugar. £5.60

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