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If your name is on our database and you request that we remove or alter it, we will do so within 72 hours of receiving your request. To request removal, send an email to
All orders placed online will be confirmed by email if you have provided an email address.


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We may use personal and profile data to tailor your experience on our interactive services.
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Tortilla does not store any credit card information you may supply, and all transactions are handled in a secure environment.

We may transfer information outside the European Economic Area.


What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files which are stored on a user’s computer or mobile device. They are used to differentiate one user from another and to pass information from page to page during a single user’s website session

What Cookies do we use?

Our main site does not collect any cookies, however, we use Google Analytics as a service to analyse web based traffic to our website and identify which pages are being used. Google Analytics tracking uses cookies in order to provide meaningful reports which help us understand how visitors engage with our site. Google Analytics cookies do not collect personal data about website visitors.

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Our online ordering service uses one session cookie, PHPSESSION, in order to maintain the session with the server. We don't store any personal information in the cookie we create. The information stored is kept server side and will remain in the server's memory until the session expires.

In addition, our online ordering site uses Google Analytics which generates cookies in order to provide us with reports on web based traffic to our website.

How to disable Cookies

At any point, if you choose, you can disable the cookies from your browser and erase all the cookies stored on your device. To find out how you can do this, you can either click 'help' button on your browser’s menu or you can visit

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