Lean, Mean


The Sliim facts about our burritos & tacos


we've heard some rumours that people see burritos as a treat and are worried about their waistline.

Never fear you'll be pleased to know that most of our burritos have less fat and calories than the most common high-street sarnies. We�d love to mention names but our lawyers have told us we�re not allowed.

A regular medium
chicken burrito
has just 12.2g of
fat, and only 4.1g
of saturated fat.
Even a fully loaded
medium chicken burrito
with cheese and guacamole
has less fat than the most
common sarnies at some
sandwich chains.

Hey, what can we say,
we just don’t do mayonnaise.
So next time you’re staring
forlornly at that cold, bready
chicken and avocado
sandwich sitting on a shelf,
just think of a hot, tasty,
fully-loaded burrito
custom-made just for you...

Your taste buds, and your waistline, will thank you.

Remember if you're looking to go that extra mile on cutting out the calories, try our "Naked Burrito" -all the lovely toppings in one tasty bowl minus the tortilla.