All made fresh every day!

All of our products are made from fresh, never frozen produce delivered to our restaurants 6 days a week. We don’t use artificial flavours or presevatives in our burritos and, most importantly, we only serve what we want to eat ourselves!

MeatWe only use grass-fed British Isle brisket in our Barbacoa, marinated and cooked over 24 hours until it’s melt-in-your-mouth delicious! The grilled chicken and pulled pork we serve are farm assured, Red Tractor approved.

SalsasOur fresh, hand-prepared salsas come in mild, medium & hot! If you’re feeling adventurous, try our fiery salsa roja, made with habanero chillies – the hottest chillies in the world! Take a cooler approach with our medium salsa verde, made with tomatillos (Mexican green tomato), jalapeños, coriander & lime. Or go for our crowd favourite, mild pico de gallo salsa made from red tomatoes, coriander & lime. We import chillies from Mexico, to give each dish that authentic taste.


Arguably the best guacamole you’ve ever tried, ours is made from hand-smashed hass avocados, fresh lime, onions and coriander. We prepare it ourselves, every day! Then comes the monterey jack cheese, thinly grated for the ultimate melt-effect, and our smooth sour cream. Pack in some extra heat with a sprinkle of freshly chopped jalapeños and add some zest with our orange and ginger-pickled red onions and a squeeze of fresh lime.

Rice, Beans & Veg

Mexican food isn’t Mexican food without rice, beans & veg! Lightly toasted & mixed with a rich tomato or zesty coriander paste, our rice is packed with flavour to give heart to any dish. Same goes for our delicious sous-vide pinto & black beans, or try our char-grilled peppers & onions tossed with mixed herbs. Our veg dishes are Vegan & Vegetarian Society approved.

Vegan Chilli No Carne

Our chilli is made with organic tempeh sourced from Club Cultured HQ in London’s Hackney Wick. This natural and nutritious meat alternative is made by fermenting soy beans with a live culture…and nothing else! Super high in protein, fibre and gut-friendly goodness, we blend the tempeh with our signature pinto beans, veggies and authentic spices to create a hearty chilli just like Momma used to make.