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The Birth of the Burritos & the Evolution of Tortilla

My wife Jen and I started Tortilla in 2007
after a four year search across London for
decent burritos and tacos. We’re from
California and grew up going to the
taquerias in the Mission District of San
Francisco‚ the self-proclaimed burrito capital
of the world. (Thought that’d be Mexico City?
There are actually more burrito joints in
London than in Mexico’s capital.)

It was burritos for lunch with work
colleagues‚ burritos for dinner with friends,
and 2am burritos with a Corona... ahh,
those were the days.

Whether it’s a grab and go lunch or a long leisurely one with a few beers, we aim to serve the most delicious, fresh, honest tacos & burritos in the UK.

But hey, those days are back!

We’re not a franchise and we’re not part of some big soulless restaurant group. We started Tortilla with some help from friends and an awesome effort from our team... all fanatical (in a healthy way) about making the best-quality‚ freshest, most delicious burritos and tacos this side of the Atlantic.

So thanks for dining with us and for making Tortilla Zagat’s #1 Mexican restaurant in London.