Sustainability is important to us, so we go the extra mile to incorporate it into many areas of our business.

This is how we do it

  • Not taking shortcuts when it comes to the
    provenance of our food - serving grass-fed
    beef and higher welfare pork and chicken.

  • Providing recycling in our restaurants.

  • Minimising “food miles” – the number of miles that our supplies travel to get to our stores.

    Sourcing organic products wherever possible to minimise pesticides and the use of other harmful practices.

  • Sharing nutritional information so you can watch your calories.

  • Working with local schools to teach kids how to make Mexican cuisine.

  • Caring about making sure our team are happy, so our employees get free burritos and tacos every day.

    Purchasing the majority of our ingredients from the UK.

  • Monitoring water, waste and energy with a commitment to reducing our environmental impact.

  • Having charitable initiatives in place including supporting local and national projects.

  • Showcasing healthier eating options, like our “Naked Burrito”.